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You are not alone - read on to gain strength and connection with other women.

Amy C.I finally did something myself, in love and respect FOR myself. AllisonEnding my pregnancy is one of the best decisions I've ever made.
Helen When I got there, I met an absurd looking man from a pro-life organization, I guess, he grabbed my arm, and told me that a life was going to be killed by me. Nancy M. I know women who had babies they didn't want. They're all on Prozac. I know women who have had abortions, their lives have gone on.
LeeAnnaI have read most of the stories you have and feel like I want to share mine.Lilian I recently had an abortion...
AllisonI was 10 years old and 3 weeks pregnant...  KristenI just never thought that it would happen to me... again.
BrittanyI'd always wanted my parents to find something in me to be proud of. They were always so unhappy with me and I didn't want them to hate me even more. MendyMy experience with pregnancy and abortion started from the moment of conception and is with me to this very day.
CarolWhat it was like in the old days... although abortion was illegal, there existed a grapevine of names of abortion providers.LynneI have an abortion scheduled in 10 days. As each day passes, I feel more certain that this is the best decision for everyone involved (including the unborn child).
Allison I told that woman to mind her own business and I stood tall and proud. I refused to cower or be ashamed.CassandraMy pregnancy had nothing to do with God but simple biology: when a fertile man and woman have   intercourse without birth control, pregnancy is likely.
LizzyI'm not sure why I am angry, but I think it's from feeling out of control.ChristyThis is a long story, but it makes me feel better to tell it.
YM 16 and pregnant - 9 years later. KellyI had an abortion 3 weeks ago...
Suzy V.Not only did I survive it, I survived it with grace and have even gained strength from it. MollyThere was no way I could tell my parents. They were unsupportive my whole life, and going to them for help was not an option.
AjahThe first time I went to have a sonogram I was farther in the pregnancy than I had thought so the cost was more than I could afford. Kristi If you decide to go through with this life-changing decision, change your life for the better.
AmyMy mother always said that we, as women, are forced to make the toughest decisions. And we are! SpikeThey think abortion equals death. But I know, truly, it is silence that does so.
NikkiI found out I was pregnant a week before I started my senior year of High School. Liz My heart is pulling in two directions, I have been home for 16 years raising my kids with every ounce of love and energy I have.
Alma He was a virgin and I had already lost my virginity, so he was pretty eager. GingerI feel good about my decision to have a abortion, because 5 months later, I met the man of my dreams, the man I married.
Shauna I believe that choice is essential and part of choice is considering all options with a caring and responsible friend, professional or partner. JennyThere was no way at the time I could have raised a baby on my own, but all the same I felt horrible about what I was doing.
ErinI made it through and I'm standing on the other side. Your story? Send it to us.


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