• - symptoms, explanations, treatment options.
  • Abortion Access Project - organizing Nursing Students and Nurses, PA's, Nurse Practitioners, and Medical Students for Choice to increase access to abortion and to increase training in abortion-related care. Based in Massachusetts.
  • Emergency Contraception - The Morning After Pill - from Princeton University. Also known as "Plan B" in Spanish.
  • Endometriosis Association - a non-profit, self-help organization founded by women for women.; providing information and support to women and girls with endometriosis, educating the public and medical community about endo, and conducting and promoting research.
  • Endometriosis, One Woman's Journey by Jennifer Lewis. The author has suffered from this disease for over 11 years, at age 29 has had 10 surgeries including a total hysterectomy at age 26. She has become an avid advocate for women's health issues.
  • EngenderHealth - works worldwide to improve the lives of individuals by making reproductive health services safe, available, and sustainable.
  • Equality Now - fight against Female Genital Mutilation, fight for women's and girl's human rights and against violence world wide.
  • ERA - Learn about the Equal Rights Amendment - a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would guarantee equality of rights under the law for all women.
  • Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered - FORCE - for women whose family history and genetic status put them at high risk of getting ovarian cancer and/or breast cancer.
  • FAIR - Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting - evaluates media coverage of today's news with an eye for sex bias. Excellent resource.
  • FamilyNet - Human Rights Campaign Foundation - devoted to the issues of concern to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender families.
  • Family Health Productions - makes of educational videos on sexuality and reproductive health for teens.
  • Family Planning Advocates of New York State - includes Concerned Clergy for Choice, pro-choice writings on welfare reform, parental notification, mergers with Catholic hospitals and the effects they have on reproductive health care.
  • Family Planning in Washington State - part of DSHS.
  • - resources and news about and for lesbians.
  • - washable cloth menstrual pads and other natural fertility-related info and products
  • Feminism - definitions from guests at the Feminist Women's Health Center website.
  • Feminist Majority - Award winning site with lots of variety dedicated to women's political, economic, and social equality.
  • Feminists (pro-choice) in Australia
  • Feministisches Frauen Gesundheits Zentrum (FWHC) Berlin, Germany
  • Fertility Awareness Network - teaching Fertility Awareness since 1980
  • Fibroids - a story of natural healing without surgery or drugs to encourage others to honour their bodies and release the anger etc. and get to the root cause of their fibroids.
  • Fight for Your Rights: Protect Yourself - MTV's campaign to educate young people about sexual health, HIV and "It's Your Sex Life" guide.
  • First Moon: Passage to Womanhood Ceremony - a kit to help you celebrate your very first period.
  • First Steps program in Washington State - part of DSHS.
  • Freedom from Hunger - provides self-help programs that serve women - especially mothers of young children - with resources to build better futures. A nonprofit, nongovernmental, international development organization to end chronic hunger and poverty through sustainable development.
  • Freedom from Religion Foundation - They publish a lively, informative newsletter called Freethought Today.
  • GAIN - Gynaecological Awareness Information Network in Australia - established by women whose lives have been irreparably altered by gynaecological conditions and subsequent treatment.
  • The Garden of Fertility: A Guide to Charting your Fertility Signals to Prevent or Achieve Pregnancy -- Naturally -- and to Gauge your Reproductive Health by Katie Singer. This book, published in 2004, describes the changes a woman experiences throughout the menstrual cycle; how to chart your fertility signals (the waking temperature and cervical fluid); how to determine, by fertility charts, when you are fertile and not fertile; how to practice natural birth control that is virtually as effective as the Pill; and when to time intercourse if you want to conceive. It explains how to identify, by your fertility charts, whether you're ovulating, indicating a propensity for thyroid problems, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, or miscarriage. It tells how to establish and identify unambiguous infertility while breastfeeding, and how to identify that ovulatory cycles are resuming. includes several articles about Fertility Awareness, photos showing the changes the cervix goes through during a menstrual cycle unless a woman's on the Pill, fertility charts that can be downloaded at no charge, and more.
  • Girls Inc - Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.
  • - a politically progressive, left-aligned, pro-choice, feminist website with a mission to support young mothers, of all backgrounds, in their struggles for reproductive freedom and social support.
  • Global Abortion News Updates - This feature provides a brief look at new developments in abortion law and policy around the world. Updated monthly.
  • Global Campaign for Microbicides and Prevention Options for Women - The word "microbicides" refers to a range of different products that share one common characteristic: the ability to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) when applied topically. A microbicide could be produced in many forms, including gels, creams, suppositories, films, or as a sponge or ring that releases the active ingredient over time.
  • Global Fund For Women - Supports women's human rights throughout the world.
  • Global Reproductive Health Forum (GRHF) - women of color web - explores the intersection of gender and "race" on topics such as feminism, sexuality, and reproductive health and rights.
  • Good for Her - Toronto's cozy, comfortable and accessible place where women and their admirers can find a variety of high quality sex toys, books, videos, workshops, sensual art, and much more.
  • Grandmothers for Peace
  •  - stories of scores of innovative grassroots programs run by local heroes who have found effective ways to build on the strengths of their communities to make them better.
  • - grassroots environmental education.
  • Gray Panthers - working on universal health care, jobs with a living wage and the right to organize, preservation of Social Security, affordable housing, access to quality education, economic justice, environment, peace, and challenging ageism, sexism, racism.
  • Guerrilla Girls - getting attention on issues that matter.
  • Hampshire College - Campus and Community Organizing for Reproductive Freedom.
  • Hard Hatted Women - Cleveland-based group for women in nontraditional jobs -- its founders were a telephone repair technician, a steelworker and a truck driver.
  • Harvard Medical School on Women's Health - Women's health concerns cover a wide spectrum. While many health conditions affect both men and women, a number of health issues affect only women and some are more prevalent in women.
  • Healing Choice - especially for post-abortion women -- devoted to enriching the emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual lives of women.
  • Healing the Children-Florida - information on becoming a host family to victims of acid attacks and other crimes.
  • Healthy Teen Network is a national membership network that serves as a leader, a national voice, and an educational resource to professionals working in the area of adolescent reproductive health – specifically pregnancy prevention, pregnancy and parenting.
  • Healthy Youth Alliance in WA State
  • Her Health - holistic health magazine encouraging healthy lifestyles for women and positive body image.
  • Herspace - the newtwork for evolving women.
  • Hesperian Foundation - Publishing health books for health-workers developing nations in many languages; committed to improving the health of people in poor communities by making health information accessible. Publishes a book called Where Women Have No Doctor, and a book for midwives, as well as books on disability.
  • HIV, Health and Your Community: a Guide for Action takes a grass-roots approach to preventing the spread of HIV. It emphasizes prevention, is designed for disadvantaged communities, and is liberally illustrated. Authors' proceeds donated to community-based AIDS organizations. Published by Hesperian Foundation.
  • HPV (the human papillomavirus), the primary cause of cervical cancer, and the HPV test
  • Humanism - believe every human being has the right to adequate food, health care, education, and housing, and the right to choose and build his or her future.
  • Hysterectomy Alternatives and Consequences. Independent international non-profit women's health education organization. Provides free information packet. Physician referral.
  • Evaluating HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) - by Liz Moore

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