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TarahThe physician told me that, because of the sexual assaults over such a long period of time period, there was little chance of pregnancy.DorothyI don't know why, but I cheated on my husband. We were careless and I ended up pregnant.
NicoleI am 16. I have had sex. Once. I am scared to get pregnant. I want get on the pill. I asked my mother and she refused.TracyI had an abortion. I am recovering. I am alone in my body once again.
PaulaIn my country (Brazil) abortion is not legal. In my city, Rio de Janeiro a lot of (illegal) abortion clinics have been closed by the government.AngelaI guess I just needed to say all this, because I found your site and started reading the stories, and I have been sitting here for 3 hours.
THWithin a month we were having sex. I hadn’t really planned to go steady with this guy, after all I just wanted a prom date.MarieI had an abortion when I was 15. I had been in a relationship with my high-school sweetheart for a year.
Kristi My parents were heartbroken and totally devastated. My father told me that his worst dream had come true. ElizabethI have three teens, ages 15, 13, & 12. Like Lynn, I did not feel I could start over.
KailaSuddenly my dream guy turned out to be more like a nightmare.AutumnIs post-abortion distress learned? Is it innate, or do we cater to fears of not being accepted socially?
CatI was filled with so many emotions, fear, anxiety, excitement.BekyI say hooray for abortion.
LisaI have done my best raising my two kids. I have enjoyed it, but I won't deny the personal sacrifice has been great.LaurenI've been pregnant six times.
KieshaI thought it was the baby I hated. Now, I realize it was the situation.AshleyHaving the abortion really opened my eyes about sex and birth control.
SarahI worked at an abortion clinic for my summer internship.CrystalThe night before the appointment...


If anyone from Portugal finds themselves in my predicament, they can contact me and I will give the referrals to Spain.Melanie I just want to get my life back and stop crying all the time. Until now, I told women that abortion was wrong and how could they do it.
AngieI will not have my child going through what I went through.Lois I cannot take another loss. I lose no matter what choice I make.
KrystalI was the one who would make it. Then I began being sexually active with my boy friend and was pregnant in a matter of months.ElisabethDo I sometimes wonder what that child might be like? Would I be human if I didn't?
TiffanyWhen I realized that I was late for my period I told my boyfriend Jenelle

I did not have any birth control because I never thought about getting pregnant.

OliviaI feel this child growing inside of me... but I know that I don't have a future with my new boyfriend...Amy SI finally realized that I had to trust myself.
ClareI did not want you to suffer because of my mistake in bringing you into this world... MarilynIn the 5 years that I have been with him we never have used protection. I thought that one of us was sterile.
JenniferI'm in an ideal situation to have a baby and I'm choosing to have an abortion. 

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