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Telling your story can help you find your true feelings.

Caroline Despite being the same age, 15, and the same number of weeks pregnant, my experience and my daughter's experience were 30 years and 2 worlds apart.   Kris Somehow, I have a strange self-love as a woman for having the abortion. I feel very in touch with my body.
Sharina I had always said it was a woman's choice, but now the choice was mine. Loretta I don't like what society does to us with these myths that we're supposed to be so grateful and excited about being pregnant.
D If I had decided to keep it and my father found out about me getting pregnant, he would probably have disowned me and shot my boyfriend. (no joke) Jen The biggest thing this shows is that no one can get into another's skull and understand their life enough to make (or even fully understand) their decisions for them.
Deseray Lynn It all started with me ending a long term (5 year) relationship and going off The Pill two months later because I didn't see my ex and me getting back together. Sophia I want to have this baby for my daughter to have a sibling, but also want to have the abortion to avoid having this man in my life forever.
Sarah I never thought that I would ever have to face this decision. Candace

If there were only more places of refuge for young women like me.

Taniyah Having unprotected sex on the weekends is what caused my first pregnancy.   Janelle If you are going to have a abortion I would tell you that it not that bad and it was very easy!
Anne On the way to the clinic I was pretty numb. I couldn't believe I was doing this.   Felicity Someday, we will have children and I am convinced that the baby I let go will return to me. Someday, it will be her time.
Tee I want my story to inspire someone who may feel they can't go on. I gained a new family in my boyfriend's family.   Heather We just bought a our dream house, I just got a new job. I still feel guilty, but we never could have accomplished this much so fast with a baby.
Emilia I broke up with him last May. I found out I was one month pregnant in June   Myrtle I was in high school and I was raised without a father. I didn't want to put my children through that.
Kristina I was 18, a college freshman, no steady job, and was more confused then I had ever been in my entire life.  


It was the hardest decision-I was raised pro-life and I am very close to my parents and hate disappointing them

Half Even the most devout people can change their views.   Faith I was in love! He was everything I dreamed a man could be.
Jaimie For me to question meant I was not ready.   Ruth Many hours I spend tossing, turning not knowing which path to take.

I'm grateful I am safe to be able to make this choice.

  Elizabeth I soon realized the guilt was borrowed, and not truly my own.
Phaedra I embraced and still embrace my grief. However, my life is back on track.   Pam

I have been researching the options, abortion, adoption and of course keeping the baby.

Violet Whatever you decide to do make sure that in your heart you are doing it for yourself, no-one else.   Angie For me, the decision was easy.
Denise Having another baby would ravage more lives than it would benefit, and I'm not going to follow one selfish act with another. Some may think I'm selfish for not keeping it, but it's all in the perspective.



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