Violet's Story

It was 1 month ago that I had an abortion, I've been with my boyfriend 2 years. I'm 17 years old. I knew when I found out I was pregnant I wanted to keep it and my boyfriend did too, but when we told our parents they were so mad and annoyed, they made me feel so bad, they made appointments for me, took me there and picked me up. I had to lie to the doctor and say I wanted an abortion but all the time I was dying to make my own decision and live with it.

I had a medical abortion and I was supposed to go in on the Friday but I was too scared and I wanted to not have it done so I walked out but my mam just kept saying "wait until your dad finds out you didn't go." So I went on the next Monday-it was the worst day of my whole life. I'll never forget it. I saw my baby on the screen, I was only 8 weeks. I came home and was given cards and presents.

Now I feel empty and I resent everyone who made me do it, I know I'm young but I would have coped but now all I want to do is get pregnant again and move out away from the people I hate the most-my mam and dad.

Now, you might think I'm being cruel but you weren't there with the shouting, name calling and swearing, my dad even said "I don't care what u do just get that b*****d out your belly." I can't move on and I've tried so hard but it tears me apart inside when I see anyone with a baby.

All I can say is whatever you decide to do make sure that in your heart you are doing it for yourself, no-one else.

Violet in the U.K.
November 2000

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"We cannot make decisions for others; women must be trusted to make their own decisions about pregnancy and abortion."