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Stories from Young Women

Nola It was my junior year in high school.   Nicohle We were really thrown for a loop when i found out i was pregnant again.
Jade I graduated high school thinking everything was great...   Heather I didnt know if i could handle a baby, college and a job trying to pay rent.
Angel I wish I had a second chance to explain to our parents that we want to keep the baby.   Lauren I was with a man older then myself.
Diana I don't regret my decision   Sonya I'm enlisted in the Air Force, and I was supposed to leave for boot camp
Kylee i am a 15 yr old girl, who has just found out that i am pregnant.   Holley I wasn't shook until the next day.
Leigh I am nineteen years old. I have been pregnant twice.   Erin It's a heavy burden to carry.
Storm 4 years and quite a few tears later, I'm starting to heal.   Jen I will never forget but I'm glad I have a second chance now to get through my life.
Becky Less than a month after I turned 17, I had a baby boy named Aaron.   Niki I had a choice! Get married or get an abortion.
Juliet I had two miscarriages before I got my first abortion... I was terrified.   Amy I'm 15 years old and recently had an abortion.
Paulina I was scared about what everyone was going to say and think.   Leigh I am nineteen years old. I have been pregnant twice.
Claudia I know I made the right decision for where I am in my life   Brina

When I went to the clinic to get the abortion it was lots of women who were there to get the procedure I was getting. 



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