Amy's Story

Hi my name is Amy. I'm 15 years old and recently had an abortion. When I found out that I was pregnant I didn't believe that I was so I took another test and well it came out positive. I cried for so long to my boyfriend at the time and he was very understanding which made me feel at ease, at first I didn't no if I wanted to have the baby or not. I had always wanted children but I don't think at such a young age it would have been a good choice.

A few days later I booked a doctors appointment - my boyfriend took me there and came in with me cause I was so scared. I didn't no what to say, they made me do another test to confirm it and yes it came out positive. My next thought was what am I going to do?

I had to tell my mum. I was so scared about telling her it took me about a month to get up the courage and when I told her she was so shocked as a mother would be, but she didn't yell or get angry at me which made me feel a little bit better, she made me tell my dad and brother and they were there for me as well. It meant allot to me just to no my family was supporting me in what ever choice I make. They didn't hate my boyfriend cause it was a mistake and he felt bad enough as it was.

I was about a month and a week pregnant at this time, and this is where the morning sick-ness started and it wasn't just like normal morning sick-ness. This was bad - I spewed up for about a week straight, I couldn't eat drink or even move. Mum took me to the doctor to see if they could give me something to stop spewwing up, they gave me some tablets but they didn't work and it was still two weeks to my abortion. The next day I ended up in hospital for a week - it was the first time I have ever stayed in a hospital on my own it was so scary the first night I cried my self to sleep. Mum and my boyfriend came and sat by my bed everyday - even though I couldn't talk or move they just sat there with me so I wasn't alone. The day the let me out I was so happy but then in the next two days I just had to wait for my abortion it was the most scariest time of my life.

My mum took me and I cried in the car on the way there and back, I was waiting in the waiting room for hours until they called my name. I went into the room and laid on the bed and from then on I can't remember anything until I woke up. The told me I would bleed for about 7 days so 7 days went on and then 8 and then 9 and it was getting heavier. I told my mum and because my mum is a nurse she new something wasn't right, she took me to the doctor and I got rushed to emergency for another operation. I was so scared I rang my boyfriend crying so much telling him something is wrong and I have to go back in. This was the worst time of my life. And if it wasn't for my mum I wouldn't of gotten through it.

Me and my boyfriend are not together now we broke up not long after I had the abortion I think it was too much for both of us, I still have to live with the guilt of killing my baby, I no I would have been the best mother and would have given so much love to her or him. All I ask is for u to show my story to everyone so they no it really does happen. I still cry to this day cause I miss my baby and I miss my boyfriend. I feel like I have lost everything except my mum who is the best mum in the world! Please just think before u lay down and have sex that u mite get pregnant so take protection because no-one and I mean no-one wants to go through an abortion.

My love to everyone that has had an abortion we can be strong and get through this!

8 May 2003

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