Sharing Your Story Can Be Empowering

Accidental or unintended pregnancy happens to millions of women in the world each year. Because we are fertile for a large part of our lives, and because we are sexual beings, pregnancies happen. It is part of nature.

If you have had an abortion or are facing an unplanned pregnancy, talking about it with someone you trust may be wonderfully freeing. Just talking out loud can help you find your true feelings. Often when we tell someone, we find out they too have had an abortion.

Pregnancy represents a true fork in the road of life. One can never know what would have happened had she gone the other way. Read women's stories to gain strength and connection with other women.

If you would like to share your story, please send it via email using the online form - put "story" in the subject. We will assume you want us to publish it here.

"Listen to your own heart. Once you have made your decision, believe in yourself for making a good decision."

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