Kylee's Story

I am a 15 yr old girl, who has just found out that i am pregnant. I was realy scared and confused, i never thought it could happen to me.

I am in a realy awkward relationship, which i am not happy in. My mum and dad fell out when i was 13, but when i told them, they both said they would stand by me what ever decision i made.

My boyfriend said he wanted me to get rid of it when he first found out, but he is now saying he dont know what he wants me to do.

I decided i want an abortion as i would never be able to give a baby the life i would want to, i am also not settled down in a proper relationship.

I always said i would never even consider abortions but when you know its the best thing to do for you then you will do it.

Thanks for reading my story.

May 2004

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