Juliet's Story

Hey there, this is sort of hard for me but I read your stories and feel inspired. My name is Juliet, I am now sixteen years old, and I was fourteen years old when I got my first abortion. My mother always told me while I was under legal age she would make me get an abortion should I get pregnant. A guy who I wasnt dating but had feelings for and me had been having unprotected sex, using withdrawl as our birth control...I started having sex when I was thirteen, I had two miscarriages before I got my first abortion and didnt miscarry, I was terrified...

I told my mother, knowing what her reaction would be, within a week I was on my way to the clinic (my mother never knew about the miscarriages until after my abortion). I was so nervous, I walked into the clinic, I was nervous but sure of myself, I was confident and a strong person and felt I could deal with anything. It didn't take long, I remember staring at the ceiling, thinking about everything BUT what was really happening to me. After the abortion, I stopped seeing the guy I had been pregnant by three times, on account of the realtonship just not working out.

After a year (I was fifteen) I started seeing and having sex with my current boyfriend. I had a miscarriage once, and then got pregnant when I was almost sixteen years old. I considered abortion, but decided not to on the way to the clinic. It was different this time, I couldnt do it again, I just couldnt. My mother was furious, she threatened to kick me out, even kill me if I didnt get it done but I said "no" and that was it, she couldnt physically make me.

Now, I am sixteen years old, seven months pregnant and happy as can be. I am not scared of the months, or years to come, just unsure...me and my boyfriend are doing good and I am convinced he will be an excellent father. I realize abortion may not have been right for me the first time, but it happend and I cannot take it back, but I KNOW in my heart that keeping my baby this time was the right thing for me to do.

14 Oct 2002

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"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage."
- Anais Nin