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Feminism begins with women sharing their experiences.

Jennifer There was no way I could support a child, and I had only recently realized that my boyfriend was a lying, manipulative, jerk.   Heather We were casually dating and "messing around" for about two months, we hadn't even had intercourse yet ... Instinct and intuition were the two most important tools I had.
Sky At the age of 15, I was a runaway...   Jen No one knows what they would do in a particular situation, until they are in it.
Kimberly Abortion feels very lonely but it was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
  Lavy I 'm glad it was available for me to have especially at 5 months pregnant.
Sasha I traveled 1000 miles from my home in Mexico...   Dee I just wish the stork really existed and we could simply put in order when the time was right
"Barbie Doll" I'm sitting here 5 weeks pregnant and confused... my appointment is tomorrow.   Krissy If anyone has questions about the RU-486 pill, I will gladly answer any questions when my process is over.
I didn't get my period for like 2 months so my mom got worried and made me a doctor's appointment.
  Jill It only takes one time.
Jessica It is normal, even if you are absolutely 100% positive of your decision, to cry afterwards. It is part of life.   Karen It is an emotional, financial, spiritual, intellectual decision and it must absolutely be made by the woman.
Kim I am still married to the man who fathered the child who was not to be.   Star My best friend Jen said maybe it was all her hormones since she is happily pregnant. When we were younger we had always hoped to have babies at the same time.
Debbie I'm 40 years old, married and the mother of two girls ages 12 and 9. We live an average life where sometimes making ends meet is a struggle.   Stephanie I hope my story gives just one person hope that an abortion is not a horrible experience
Jennifer It has been years since I had my abortion...   Terri

A pregnancy journal of placing for adoption.

Coryne I think of myself as another teen statistic.   Susun A creation story: the goddess in every woman.
Tonya After a while I realized that I did the right thing and I started birth control.   Casey

I learned that a desperate woman will do whatever necessary to take control of her body, even if it means pain and death.

Sally I am shouldering all the grief.   Stacey I just want to feel like myself again.
Mary I have had 2 abortions in between my first 2 children and I don't regret it because we were poor...   Crystal I waited until it was too late in my country, Canada, but discovered Cedar River Clinics in Washington State.

Even though I have mixed feelings, I still believe in freedom of choice.


Ultimately it was me who decided that the soul of this child deserves a better life than the dysfunctional one I would have brought it into.

      Susan I am glad that the shot was available. It saved my life. If abortions were illegal, I would have lost part of my body and risked never having another baby ever again, or I could have died.
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