Jenelle's Story

My story is one I thought could never happen to me. Let's just say I was a virgin when I first met my boyfriend. When I told him I was a virgin he was so happy. We had sex two weeks later. I did not have any birth control because I never thought about getting pregnant. It wouldn't happen to me. And my boyfriend tried to use condoms a couple of times but stupid me I told him to take it off because they hurt me.

Well one week after having sex I started having cramps and just not feeling like myself. I blew it off for a couple of days thinking it must be time for my friend. But it never came which wasn't that unusual because I have a very irregular period. Only the cramps kept getting worse and I started feeling nausea. I even started to bleed during sexual intercourse and not just a little like the first time but a lot. I decided it was time to go to the doctor. She asked me if I had unprotected sex and I lied to her and told her NO. I knew that I should have used some protection but I never did. She did a routine PAP smear and then tested me for STDs Two days later I was told I had chlamydia and then she told me the only way I could have gotten it was from unprotected sex. SO I was BUSTED.

I told my boyfriend and he asked me if I was telling the truth he didn't believe me. My doctor gave me some medication for me and him to kill the STD. But I threw up from the medicine and ended up taking another type. I never told my doctor any of my symptoms about cramps, bleeding, nausea and now my breasts were becoming very tender and sore. I told my friend she said you sound like your pregnant. I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. I was so scared I prayed that it was wrong and I took one again but it too was positive. So I realized I was pregnant.

Now I have been with my boyfriend for less than two months and I have told him he gave me an STD and now I am pregnant. He was just surprised and told me it was my choice what to do and he would support me with whatever my decision would be.

It took me a couple of days to decide what I was going to do. I am 19 years old and my guy is 21 years, We don't make that much money. We don't live together - as a matter fact I still live with my parents and they disapprove of my relationship with him because he is a black guy with a white girl. Pretty prejudiced but they don't like him. I was not ready to be a mother now. But don't think I didn't think about the possibilities.

I called my doctor and she set an appointment up with an ob/gyn. He was really helpful he told me I was about five weeks pregnant. He said that because of the STD and the medications which I took the possibilities of the baby being born with birth defects was very highly likely. That helped me make what I was doing OK. He set a day for the abortion for two days later and said it cost $300s. Larry took me there to the clinic and we both split the bill. It was both of our mistakes so I couldn't have let just him pay.

I just remember laying on the bed thinking in a few minutes it will be over and I hope I made the right choice. I said a little prayer for god to help me know if what I am doing is wrong. I suddenly got this sense of relief as if he heard me and I felt calm and happy. My baby will be with God and he will be a better parent than me and Larry together. The nurse asked me how come I am so relaxed and I just said I am making the best choice for everyone and I am happy, She said not many people can feel so positive about their choice.

They gave me 3 cc's of valium and then I remember waking up in a room with reclining chairs with my underwear on. So I did it. 15 minutes later my boyfriend helped me to the car and we were on our way. LET THIS BE A LESSON TO EVERYONE TO USE PROTECTION.

February 2000

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