Nicole's Story

My story is not really a story. It's an ongoing dilemma within myself. I know I am a sexual being. I know sex isn't bad and won't hurt me if I am responsible and understand that nature has dealt us some disadvantages to sex.

I knew this long before I even thought about having sex. I am 16, very young I still think, but still a growing woman all the same. I know a lot will happen in my two years until 18. I respect that women older than me have more experience. But, some of them don't remember, mostly family members, of their curiosity.

I have had sex. I admit it. Once. I am scared to get pregnant. We used protection. It was common sense. 

I still though, would like something more efficient on my behalf. I want get on the pill.

I asked my mother and she refused any such thing. As did my father. It is more of the fact that I am their daughter and it is hard for them to understand. I am a patient being. But, I also want to be safe. And, they refuse to see this now.

This is my story.

30 August 1999

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If a heterosexual woman has her first menstrual period about age 11-12 and late menopause about age 51-52, then she needs contraception for 40 years!