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Telling the truth about women's lives changes the world.

RonnieI said "no, stop." Now I know it was rape. BrandonTake your time to make your own decision.
ElizabethHer grandmother died giving birth.. AmyAbortion is a very moral choice.
Gretchen I felt as though my life would come to an end. RebeccaAbortion connects her with women around the world.
HelenI had the abortion 10 days after Canada's abortion law was struck down by the Morgentaler case. Nancy I am far from home, in the military and stationed overseas.
KellieI'm so angry ... I feel like my arm is being twisted by the Pope himself. Rayma I couldn't go to anyone in my family. I knew how they all felt about abortion.
AudreyIt was my first time. SalThere is nothing wrong with abortion.
Naomi Who decides? HeidiThe most important right we have is choice.
ShannonI was a typical 20 year old - until I got pregnant. Norma Jean14 and pregnant - I need help!
Kim Thoughtful and appreciative of her earlier choices. RonlyA mother, dancer,  and teacher of Fertility Awareness.
Jesse "Pro-Choice is a Way of Life," an essay. HollyI will never know my birth mom or other blood relatives.
HopeThe difference between wanted and unplanned pregnancies. StaciA new mom and  clinic worker's reflections on choice.
Susan I had an abortion in a Catholic hospital in 1973. LouiseNow I understand what every woman who has made this decision feels.
AliceMothering, A Planned Accident... Lorie Being a single parent is not what I planned for my life.
Amber I don't know if I go back to him because I love him ... or if it is just an addictive relationship. Kristi The only things you really have are who you are, those you love,  and those who love you.
Ginger How the women who come to the clinic inspire me daily. From  the Clinic A message to women seeking abortion.
Ellen Saying NO to parental consent saves girls lives. Roxie I knew the guy who raped me, our families were very close.
Virginia I feel alone doing the pregnancy test ... this is my 7th pregnancy. Emily Thoughts about 'what if' with that earlier abortion...
RachelDon't be afraid. Skye Do I have a say in this?
VictoriaWe're not ready yet. Jessica I am 18 and have a 11 month old daughter.
CherylThe first time I met him, I knew I would fall in love. Elana My boyfriend is from united Arab emirates and I'm Hispanic.
AngelI hid it for as long as I could and I finally told my mom. Becky I got poison ivy and had to take antibiotics and steroids which interfere with The Pill.
DaisyOn the way to the drugstore... Alexandra I wasn't planning on having sex anytime soon.
KariSometimes I resent him for wanting me to get rid of it but then I just think, "All things happen for a reason."  

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