Norma Jean's Story

I am a 14 year old girl who has just discovered that she is pregnant. The father is my foster brother and we have been living in the same house for 2 years. He is 15 and forced me into having sex with him. He would not be supportive if I told him that I was pregnant; he refused to use a condom and I was not on the Pill. It was nothing but a quick fumble and I regret it now.

I am 2 months pregnant now and I do not know who to turn to. If my foster mother finds out, myself and my boyfriend will be split up and she will be in trouble with Social Services. What can I do? I am alone and me.....

I am contemplating suicide and the father does not know. He would leave me. I love him and I don't want to lose him - but I do not want to have an abortion. It is against my religion and I am Catholic. I have already broken the code of conduct for having sex before marriage.

My real father is a priest. That is the reason why I was fostered because my father cannot marry. It is against Catholicism to have illegitimate children. It would tear my family apart; foster family and real family. My real father, who I am still in touch with would be devastated.

I need help.....before its too late.

Norma Jean
November 1998

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