Many Voices - Many Choices

Telling our personal stories heals us.

EvaI couldn't pass up this opportunity to say, should Skye or someone like her read this, the choices are there for you. MicheleA month after we started dating again, we broke up again. A week later, I found  I was pregnant.
SamanthaMy mother just died, my best friend is in the hospital with AIDS, I need someone to talk with about this. . TamaraMy fiancée and I sat down that night and talked about all of our options..
BeccaAlthough I was on birth control, which never worked for me well, I recently delivered twins.DaniWomen, we should not be ashamed, it is so unhealthy to make these life altering decisions alone.
BronwynI'm doing this because I think it's right. I just don't think I'm ready.SheilaI got pregnant when I was 15, if any of you need a friend to talk to...
Renee I cannot tell him, because he wants it so badly.  DellaI have polycystic ovaries, no menstruation & I thought I couldn't get pregnant. .
LysaI even made two appointments for tubal ligation. . Theresa First, I must say I'm not even sure I'm pregnant.
Cindy The Choice to be Child-free! Aimeethe right "choice"
StephanieMy abortion took a total of 3 minutes. I didn't feel a single thing - I was completely amazed. Deedee Whatever choices we make, they are  right because they are made after many tears and much soul searching.
SaraMy grandmother sat by her sister's bed for five days until her sister finally died from the massive infection. RobertaHis mom was a "slave" to the family and my mother had taught me to be a leader.
KaylaI know if I had this baby I would resent it. I would feel it took my life from me. JeannePeople found out at my Catholic school, when I walk down the hallway I am called a killer.
WendyA turning point in my life. Angela Pro-choice. I slowly examined the words.
TabithaWhatever is right for you, don't try to take away someone else's decision.AshleyI'm 16, I thought people don't get pregnant from dry sex.
DanielleI want so much to be loved again to feel that I am worthy of someone caring about me but I feel as though that day will never come.LatyciaIn the long run, staying in that situation, or having a tie to it forever (a baby) was a worse thing for me to do.
IreneMy husband is too "scared" to get a vasectomy even though it is a much safer and cheaper procedure. Laurie My husband and I were religious about using birth control - how could we have a birth control failure?
CarolineI can't believe it happened to me. YolandaI found out I was pregnant on May 18.
NicolaI guess I just wasn't feeling as normal, in fact I couldn't stop being sick. ChristyHe took something away from me - even if he wasn't violent. I didn't care anymore.
SuziI have no regrets. Christine2 About making the choice.
MikalaNow pregnant, Mikala looks back. Janet To know and look at me, you'd never think...
Chantel Nobody should have to hurt emotionally, and nobody should try to hurt anyone else over a very personal decision. Gayle

When birth control doesn't work.

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