Ashley's Story

I never thought that this could happen to me. I'm barely going into my senior year in high school and I just found out today that I was pregnant. The father is a 15 year old boy (I'm still 16) who is at a very immature state. I was feeling desperate and alone because I didn't have a boyfriend for so long.

So I went ahead and had dry sex with him. I thought, people don't get pregnant just from dry sex! Plus, He was the first I've ever done anything like that with. apparently my underwear was too thin and his semen went through. And worst of all, he left me for another girl yesterday.

I feel so alone and so desperate. But I know I can't have this child so I'm going to abort it. Funny thing is, I've always been antiabortion but when something like this happens to you, you realize why women are doing it. And I am definitely NOT telling my parents at all. I just thought I'd share my story. I really need some encouraging words so if anyone can help, please write to me.

Alone and scared,
(name changed)
June 1998

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