Kristi's Story

Today is march 13, 1999... i had an abortion 4 years ago... march 10, 1995. I want to share my story to those who are thinking about having an abortion and to those who are like me... recovering.

It all started when i was a sophomore in high school... i met my first love... we got pregnant when i was 15 (only a couple of days before i turned 16) and he was 19.

My family already had its share of problems... my mom who was addicted to drugs and alcohol was the center of everyone’s attention... i was scared to go home and tell my family i had gotten pregnant... i was scared to bring on more problems and i was scared of the reaction from my parents... i didn't feel like i could go to them for help... we didn't have much of a relationship.

My boyfriend and i decided to have an abortion... it was a way for us to "get rid of our problem." We went to a planned parenthood and i had our abortion... i remember the night before i had some time to think alone and i remember feeling sad and sorry yet i was already feeling the sense of relief that it would all be over soon. The morning of the abortion i tried to get it over with as soon as possible...

i had the abortion and went on with my life... in the last four years my boyfriend and i went our separate ways and decided to let ourselves grow up... i still am completely in love with him but i know it is best for us. I have "grown up" some... i am a full-time worker, enrolling in college... planning a happy future... every day i think about what my life would have been like if my boyfriend decided to have our baby... i can just imagine it but i would rather imagine it that had to experience it.

At first i went through many emotions... even regret... but now that time has gone on and i have grown i can see what people meant when they told me to wait on a family. I don’t regret my decision now... just that i got myself in that situation... i took it as a learning experience though... just as everyone should.

Having an abortion is not an easy... but if you decide to go through with this life-changing decision... change your life for the better...

13 March 1999

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