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This site is dedicated to females and technology. It contains information on mentors, community, training, and careers, Even though the site calls for girl geeks, it's aimed for young women in their 20's and 30's. If you're a technology geek this site was tailored to you with chats, surveys, and even how to help or start your career. But if you score low on the Geek-o-Meter there's books to buy, courses to take, people to talk to and even a Q&A. Don't be intimidated by the internet acronyms and difficult words. These women know that not everyone was born with a computer in their hand. There are various chats and live webcasts to participate in and even a Geek-of-the-Week to build up to. All in all it's a great site but it seems to have community built for the girl geek.

The only requirement for this site is that you be yourself. Geared for independent teens. It has a the basics but in a new wavelength. The message board has specific topics which you can discuss and give your opinions on. True Stories are posted so that you can learn from their mistakes. A unique feature is that of Perspectives, a group of people willing to put their personal journal on the net for you to read. And if you desire you can be one of those lucky journal writers. When you have time to kill there are games to be played, e-mails to send, and websites to make. Also if you have the a prankish side to you the site offers a section filled with audio clips of real Pranks, but I warn you not to try this at home. You can chat with other cheekfreaks around the globe or look them up in a CheekFreak database. There is a personal search engine where you can look up other cool locales or add your own. Whenever Xpression's up and running it will hold ANY art form of yours to be posted for others' delight. Daily specials include updates, polls, and inspiring quotes. This is one of the best sites I've seen in a while. Any remarkable, creative individual will definitely enjoy this including me. hehehe

An in formative site for teens, written, directed, designed by teens. This is an exceptional place filled with articles and (don't be scared) essays on interesting topics concerning young adults. It is well written by youth journalists and supervised by an adult. Themes range from alcoholism and racism to a girl's daily life. If your interested in insightful opinions on subjects other than dating and shopping this is a wonderful website. It deserves to be recognized as something outside of the stereotypical plot.

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"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because I'm intelligent."

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