Interview with Narcissa

On Thursday, April 27, 2000, Take Our Daughters to Work Day, "Narcissa" (a pen name) spent the day with this website's webweaver.

Narcissa's project for the day was to review several websites for girls. Then she learned about formatting and publishing her reviews to the web. We started our day by visiting the Take Our Daughters to Work Day website to see what else was going on, but since we live in a remote rural area and are limited by our phone lines that doesn't go faster than 24,000, we couldn't connect to the live broadcasts. So, we went surfing for some "simpler" websites.

Narcissa is 15, smart, plays softball and her team is tied for first in the conference. She is eager to get her learner's permit to drive (she uses my car for practice) and doesn't like to baby-sit. She is considering photography for her career because it offers so much variety and the opportunity to travel.

I asked her what qualities she looks for in a website. She said the ones which hold her attention have interesting graphics without being cluttered, are not about beauty or shopping, include photographs of contributors, have Q&A about what feelings are normal for teens, have interesting info about music, concerts and artists, contains personal stories, diaries or insights into the lives of teens all over the world.

She especially likes websites with a quiz that asks her about her ideas and values and then give feedback about herself. For example, at you can take a quiz about what kind of person you are and then the website tells you what job you would have in a Medieval Kingdom.

Narcissa searched on for "cool girls sites" and came up with 2 pages of pretty good websites. And then she was off and surfing.... Narcissa's reviews are here for you.

send YOUR suggestions and website reviews

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