Veronica's Story

I too, have had to make that tough decision 3 times in my life. 2 ended in abortion and the other I have up for adoption. The last abortion I had I was told that they were twins while they had me on the table. Fraternal twins. For a second I hesitated. I never thought I would be so "lucky" (I used to think) to have twins. The timing was all wrong, the father was a complete and utter loser who was a hardcore meth user. When I say that, I mean he shot it up with a needle. He was physically and mentally abusive and I could not see subjecting a child to a life with a father who had no desire or intention to change his life or his habits. He caused me more grief and suffering in the time that I was with him than I had endured my whole life at that point.

The last time he got me pregnant, I had planned on getting an abortion but I couldn't get the money together and as I progressed into the "2nd phase" the price was going up and the procedure was going to be more serious. It became evident to me that I was going to have to have the baby. Someone suggested I give it up for adoption. I stewed over this for sometime, and told no one. I was living with my grandmother at the time and she would have kicked me and my 6 yr old out. She wouldn't have understood and she had a very hard time understanding me when she finally found out I was pregnant. I told her I was giving it up for adoption and she was relieved. She and a couple of my friends and my brother were the only people that knew about it for a long time. My brother wasn't very understanding and couldn't fathom how I could do such a thing. Turned out to be one of the best things I could have done.

9 April 2003

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