Tera's Personal Essay on Teen Pregnancy

When it comes to teen pregnancy, there is no stereotype. Some teens can be persuaded into waiting. Others will have an opinion about sex and not change their minds for anyone. All teens have their own opinions about everything that they do and don't do. One teen might be the result of a teenage pregnancy and choose to wait. On the other hand, they might think that it is no big deal.

Being a teen mom myself opened my eyes to many things. I got pregnant, partially out of choice - I thought that a baby would bring me and my fiancé closer together. It was mostly an accident though. There was nothing that my parents or anyone else could have said to stop me from having sex. I was engaged to the man of my dreams and gave myself to him entirely.

Sometimes, the teen parents stay together, but unfortunately, as in my case, they often do not. The father of my child was just as excited and was looking forward to the birth of our son, just as much as I was. We had many plans for the future. We had already known each other for approximately four years, dated for around three years, and were engaged for a little over two years, before my baby was born. Everything was going great. Our love was only strengthened by my pregnancy. Once we found out that I was having a boy, the father was even more excited.

He now lives in Nebraska, with his girlfriend of three months. He has only seen his son two times, since he was born. He was also called three times. It is so difficult for me in some ways, but easier in others.

I had to go through the delivery without him. The baby had jaundice, and I had to go through that alone. I also had to experience my son nearly dying from a blockage that he had developed in his lungs and airway.

I am very proud of myself. I stayed in school until the day I had my son. I took one week off and then went back to school. Many parents are no as supportive as mine are. Mine let me stay with them. They never once made me think about abortion or even adoption. They even watch him, while I attend school and take part in school functions. A majority of girls are kicked out of their parent's home, unless they follow their parents' decisions.

I lucked out in some aspects but suffered in others. If I knew that I was going to have the same baby and end up in the same position that I am now, I would do it all over again.

I know that just telling most teens to wait, to have sex, won't change their minds. I don't want to tell anyone what they should and should not do. They would probably feel that I was bossing them around and sticking my nose where it does not belong. I just wanted to shed some light on the many experiences that, at least some teens, go through when they are put in a situation similar to my own.


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"When it comes to teen pregnancy, there is no stereotype."