Many Voices - Many Choices

Feminism begins with women sharing their experiences.

KayelleI had an abortion eight months ago. The day before my 21st Birthday.TeresaThis morning I woke up at 6:00 to be at my 7:30 appt.
Eils It looks like it could happen again...Lea I received really poor health "care" from her, whom I can only guess is pro-life.
NolaIt was my junior year in high school.Rachael I know that everyone's experience could not have been as bad as mine.
NicohleI'm a 16 year old wife and mother.Soledad I need to talk to my husband, share the decision with him, but I am afraid he will disagree with me.
SamanthaWe both knew that we couldn't keep it.Sarah

I cherish the gift of choice and thank the lord that the freedom of choice is ours.

ErinIt's a heavy burden to carry. ChrisIt was my 17th birthday.
KiKiI would do it all over again.GeriWhen I called off the engagement, I found out I was pregnant.
JadeI graduated high school thinking everything was great...MelissaTwo years have passed since my abortion
Heather I didn't know if i could handle a baby, college and a job trying to pay rent.DWI type this message, wondering if I am pregnant again.
Millie I was in an abusive relationship.DanaI was horrified that my baby might come with a certain disability.
Andrea I am planning to have my second abortion.LaurenHe is thirty-eight and i am eighteen. It seemed like a great relationship.
Angel I wish I had a second chance to explain to our parents that we want to keep the baby. Heather I find myself 7 weeks pregnant once again.
Nikki I am only 20 yrs old and just had a miscarriage.Daia I am glad I made this choice to abort.
Sonya I'm enlisted in the Air Force, and I was supposed to leave for boot camp.JenI will never forget but I'm glad I have a second chance now to get through my life.
NancianneI knew deep inside that I didn't want it.Holley I wasn't shook until the next day.

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