Many Voices - Many Choices

Feminism begins with women sharing their experiences.

Sherry I know that I made the right decision.   Caryn I am 27 years old and today I had my third abortion.
Beatrice So I've decided to have an abortion, and I'm so scared.   Yvonne I am a 35 year old mother of an 18 year old college freshman and a 16 year old.
Vera It just seemed like such an unfair decision to have to make.   Sean I was totally against abortion and then this happened to me.
Deena I somehow miss you, though I barely knew you.   Lonna I'm so grateful to live in a place I can legally abort.
Cassie My experience with the medical abortion was actually much better than I expected.   Robert My mother was fairly socially conservative but she was always pro-choice. When she told this story, I knew why.
Katey If I had not been able to have an abortion, my life would have been completely turned upside down.   Arlene I am still an emotional wreck due to the whole situation, but am recovering and trying to move on.
At this moment, I know my baby is in heaven. I could not give it what it needed, food, money and safety from it’s own father.   I am 21, and never imagined my first pregnancy being like this.
Lucy May 31, 2007 is the first day in my life that I won’t ever forget, June 30, 2007 is the second day that I won’t ever forget.   Elsa I was 14 and he was 18 and we saw no difference. We used to meet up at my friend house across the street, play board games and talk.
Isabel Neither one of us knew each other, he didn't even know my last name, my birthday...   Katheryn I've always been "pro-choice" but honestly couldn't figure out how a woman became pregnant on accident with all the different types of contraceptives available.


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