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I had 2 abortions 1 at age 16 and 24. I am now 29 and don't have kids, but have an amazing career and a very fulfilled life and do not regret my decisions.

Fannie i am seventeen and up until about a month ago i thought i was madly in love .... turn's out the guy just used me, got me pregnant, and walked out of my life. tomorrow i have an appointment to have an abortion. right now i have so many emotions running through my body i don't know what to think .When i first found out i was pregnant i wanted to keep it, regardless of what anyone said. then after a while i realized i wasn't prepared to give this baby the life it deserves and i think of that as unfair. so i decided to send the baby back to god, hard to believe that i used to pro-life and judge women who've had abortions. i guess you can't really judge until you've been put in their shoes ..... i don't know how I'm going to feel tomorrow when it's all said and done but i honestly believe it is for the best ....
Clara I'm 29 today -- it's my birthday -- and I close my eyes and know that tomorrow I will be back at the abortion clinic again. My first abortion was right after my child was born in 2001. It happened so fast I barely remember. My second was in 2005 and the guy I was pregnant by I couldn't imagine being a supportive father. Now here I am about to go through it again, only this time I feel a emptiness and sadness for I know I can't bring another child in this world. I'm struggling now trying to raise my 7 year old autistic daughter (my blessing) and though I want more children in back of my mind I always get scared and wonder if I have another will he or she be autistic like my daughter? I'm just not ready for the stress. I pray god forgives me in my decision and knows my heart. Though I'm six weeks I feel more connected in this pregnancy then my other. I actually prayed for god to take it before the procedure so it won't go through pain.. Hope I don't sound crazy with all this. God bless everyone who has had one or about to no one knows what each of us is going through. It's hard but I feel I'm making the right decision. Love you all.
Gillian I am very happy that I live in a country that allows women to control their bodies and their lives.  I found myself pregnant and was not in a position to have a child.  I made the choice to terminate my pregnancy and was glad that I had access to safe, caring, and experienced, medical care which made the procedure fast and pain free.  When I think back to the women who were forced to have abortions in dirty basements, or who died because they attempted to do the procedure themselves, I am saddened and thankful that I was not forced to endure the same consequence. 
Sheila I just want to say thank you for such a great web site of info. Me and my girlfriend are thinking about abortion and your site has helped me with the decision that we will make. It is not easy but it maybe for the best. Ii love her very very much. Thank you.
Molly I just had my fourth abortion five days ago and I feel a great emptiness inside. I just hope one day I can finally keep a baby.

Tomorrow, I will be having my first abortion at 9:00am with Planned Parenthood. It has been a long and arduous journey getting help and support. I don't know what to expect..the future is so unknown. I feel scared, happy, lonely.. But I know that if I don't do this, I will never be able to pursue my goals. Even though I will be alone tomorrow, I feel like I have external support from my school and planned parenthood.  Tomorrow, I will join the population of women who have had an abortion and I am grateful for it.

Judith I'm still debating, but I don't want a child who is going to ask me where's my dad, and how come all my cousins have a mom and dad and I don't. How come they know their cousins and family members from their dad's side and  I don't. I don't want my child going through that pain.
Maya The only thing I can say is your life changes so much after an abortion because you know straight away that its gone and all you can do is get on with your life. I look back and I get upset because I had my life planned out but then i look now and realize why i did what i did and no one at all can judge or look down at you; it is your life and you've got your own reasons and that's what keeps you going, remembering that everyday
Sally I was young, it was not a choice it was my only HOPE!  I often wonder how it could have been sinful when my life has turned out so wonderful, because of my DECISION!
Jillie On December 21, 2001 I was 19, 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant and I had an abortion.  I had just moved to Virginia and met someone instantly, and within the first month of knowing him I got Pregnant. I was alone and scared.  When I first found out I called him and he came and got me at work and asked what I wanted to do about it.  I was unsure at the time  and within a few days I called a very well known clinic and asked to talk to someone.  They helped me just by listening and allowed me to come to my own decision .  After it was over I felt sad but knew in my heart it was the right choice for me and I will one day see my baby in heaven. 
Janey I was only 15 when i had my abortion... I felt pressured and didn't know what to do until i did it. I wasn't offered any counseling so i didn't really know what was right or wrong.  Today i still regret it when i think about it but deep down i know i did the right thing by not bringing someone into this world that wouldn't have the life that i would want them to have. I am still 15 but time has passed and i'm slowing getting over the heart ache.
Elly I got pregnant when I was 17, I had a supportive boyfriend, he was 19.  I know my family would have been disappointed, but supportive too.  I decided I was too young and decided to have an abortion.  I never regretted it and was extremely careful until I was 25 and got pregnant while I was on the shot.  We had not been together long at all, but were very happy and I told myself that I was old enough to handle it not matter what.  After about a week, I started to feel like my boyfriend wasn't much more than a child himself, he had no idea how hard it would be.  Although this was not my reasoning for deciding to a have a second abortion, it made me realize that this would ultimately be my decision and responsibility alone.  I wasn't ready.  Although I had more emotions, in the end it was the right decision and I don't regret any of it.  Neither experience was extremely traumatic and what little stress and shock i had was gone the second I walked out the clinic door, I was relieved and calm, the stress of the preceding week was just lifted.  I am almost 27 years old now and for the first time I know who I am and what I want.  I am thankful I made the decisions I made and when I am ready to have children I'll be able to give them the life we all deserve.
Flora I was very sure of myself and what I wanted...or more to the fact, didn't want, but my boyfriend felt very differently. I went with my instincts and I do not regret anything. He still loves me the same as he did before, and I still love myself the same as before.
Dianne I was 18 years old when I had the abortion. I had just had a baby girl 8 months before and I knew I was not ready for another child so soon. I couldn't sleep for days wondering if I was doing the right thing. The day came for me to have the abortion. The nurses and doctors were so nice and made sure I was comfortable .I was 13 weeks pregnant when I had it and I new it was the best thing for me to do. I heard bad stories and why I shouldn't do it but I knew what was best for me and my daughters feature.My advice is go with your instincts and don't listen to negative people. You know what's best for you.
Fawna I have had an abortion before and whilst I can't say I'm proud of it, I was nonetheless pragmatic and have never regretted it knowing that I could never have offered this child everything and every opportunity it deserved. That doesn't mean I occasionally don't wonder what might have been.
Whilst I may be faced with this same choice again, I am (only marginally) comforted to know there are people like Lynne who can understand how difficult but sometimes necessary it is to give up something as precious as a child. The funny thing is, I adore kids. I adore them so much that I'd rather not have any as the responsibility is just too awesome and getting it wrong all too easy. 
Cindy I am a 33 yr.old who was going through a divorce and living on my
own with my two daughters, I reunited unexpectedly with my high school sweetheart and 4 months into our new relationship discovered I was pregnant. Joy and fear is what I felt because both my daughters were troublesome pregnancies and they were premature (3months&2months early). I was warned by my doctors that I should not have a third. So Ii thanked god for what he gave me my beautiful and now healthy girls, Ii dare not ask for any other miracles. Myself and my boyfriend decided not to go through with the pregnancy. Before I walked into the room I rubbed my tummy and wept" I'm so sorry!" and looked up and asked for god's forgiveness. That was Dec.2004 and I go to therapy. I believe that women have many, many reasons why they can not or should not go through with a pregnancy, if the option is there (as painful as a decision as it can be) take it. Believe me if not for medical reasons I would have gone through with the pregnancy without a doubt.
Stacy I'm 18 and I only found out Ii was pregnant yesterday. I knew immediately that the decision Ii have made is the right one. I do not want children at all and Ii have a career as a police officer to consider, as well as the fact I'm not in a relationship. yes I am very scared but my closest friends are here for me. Don't keep it to yourself if you do want a termination and you leave it too long you may be too advanced and have no choice in the matter: ACT EARLY!
Lana I am a 21 year old accounting student, I found out I was pregnant on February 6, 2007.  This was my first pregnancy.  At this moment, I am not emotionally or financially prepared to take care of a child. I'm just learning to love myself.  After, graduating from college, I'll be able to shower my child with all the love in the world. There were so many people telling me that I am making the wrong decision and that I will regret it. I don't regret it.  I'm happy that I made the right decision by not bringing a child into the world that I am not prepared to raise.
Joyce I am 42 years old.  Engaged to a soon to be divorced man.  We have been together almost 3 years.  I am now 3 weeks pregnant.  I have never experienced such emotion as I am now.  Neither one of us want a child.  We both have children from previous marriages.  We both have to work it seems all the time to make ends meet at this time.  We can't financially afford a child.  And also, I don't want a child at 42 years old.  I am too damn old.  I have scheduled an appt for 2 weeks from now only because I can't get it done any sooner.  I am so nervous and anxious about the procedure.  I am so scared but I know that I must go through with this.  We both want this.  I have also scheduled him for a vasectomy the following week after my abortion.  Any help or words out there that will ease my anxiety?

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