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Feminism begins with women sharing their experiences.

Julieann I never had regrets, but would occasionally think about what might have been. Hally I have had three abortions for three different men in less than three years.
Indigo We DO have power over life and death.  The patriarchal cultures we live in want us to believe that we shouldn't have such power. Kim My husband thought I may be pregnant. I bought a pregnancy test last weekend. I was floored when it came back positive.
Leah Have faith in yourself, and in your decisions. Melody Hormones monstrously aggravate my bipolar disorder.
Lauren After I equilibrated, I was fine and I have never regretted my choice. Misty A first-person perspective on the abortion procedure.
Jessica Don't think you are the only one out there that this happens too. I sure felt like I was until I came here! Hilda I was in no position to have a baby.
Stephanie in UK I was 17 years old and on my first date I slept with my boyfriend. Dessa I was so surprised by my emotions as I have always been strongly pro-choice ... now that its me it feels so different.
TulaneI was fresh out of high school, barely 18. Monique I had an abortion at 9 weeks because I was suffering from severe nausea and vomiting.
Ashley My son has a heart condition... I couldn't bear to think of having another child who would suffer that way. Shirell I've never regretted having my abortion; I wasn't ready for a baby.
Ella I believe the right should always be there for women who have to make the most difficult decision ever.  Kay I went through with the abortion and feel no regrets about it now; it was the BEST thing...
Anna I want to be close to the perfect parent for my children and at this time I wouldn't be able to do so. Sue One thing for sure, I could not keep the baby.
DahliaI think it was the best decision I've ever made. Everything was going to end up so bad if I hadn't do it. Marla Nothing can take away from the fact that I am an unwed, unwilling mother...
Brina When I went to the clinic to get the abortion there were lots of women who were there to get the procedure I was getting.  ShanaOne main thing is certain, the only person who can choose and me, and I have every right to do what I feel is best.
MadolynTake control of your life rather than let vague sentimentalities decide for you. Rana I think you should do it if you know you cannot take having a baby physically and emotionally


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updated: March 12, 2011


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