Sara's Story

My name is Sara and I had an abortion about a year ago.  I always thought that women should never talk about having an abortion, that it should be kept a secret.  But now I have realized that women need to hear these stories so that other women in that hard situation may have better information and hear about what I/we have gone through.

I found out that I was pregnant when I was 20 years old.  I was, and still, a college student.  I was working and lived with a horrible boyfriend who verbally abused me.  I felt that I wasn't ready to have a child in that point of my life.  I didn't, and still don't, think that I could have given the child the kind of life that I want to give to my child, when I'm ready. 

On top of that I wasn't ready to put my life on hold because I had made a mistake.  That's what people forget, mistakes do happen.  With many other mistakes you usually have the chance to go back and fix them, why should it be any different with our bodies? 

Like I said, I had my abortion about a year ago and to this day I still DO NOT regret the decision that I made.  It is a tough decision, but you have to remember: is this what you really want?  I'm so glad that I could read stories about other women and their experiences, and I am really happy that I could share mine.  Thank you.

July 2004

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