Renae's Story

People choose abortion for many different reasons and although I never thought I would ever have to consider it myself, I can truly understand the UNselfishness of that choice.  When I chose an abortion 9 years ago it was because I already had a 2 year old son to take care of by myself.  I considered having the baby and putting him up for adoption.  I feel like I could have done that and the only reason I didn't choose to do that is because simply being pregnant and possibly being unable to take care of the son I already had was too much of a sacrifice and I was unwilling to take that chance.

So, anyone that is anti-abortion that believes it is always about what's good for the mother is wrong.  Sometimes, it's about children that are already here and making the difficult decision between your unborn child and the one you already have. 

I have no regrets about my decision. My son is 11 years old and my child that never made it into this world would have been 8.  I believe that if a child is meant to be, he will be.  We don't control the fate the souls.

February 2004

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