Rebecca's Story

I've had friends that have had abortions and they seemed so indifferent about it, like it was no big deal. As I heard the words "I'm getting an abortion" coming out of their mouths I couldn't picture myself in their shoes. To me, there was no validation for such a thing unless it was under extreme circumstances like birth defects, rape or incest.

I all ready had a son at age 20 and couldn't imagine life without him, then the morning came when I knew I was pregnant again. I felt sick and threw up. I came out of the bathroom and looked at my live-in boyfriend. He looked back at me and I felt even worse. We had been together 6 months. He had 2 sons from a previous marriage and I had my son from a previous marriage. Our lives were stressful enough and I knew that financially another child was not a possibility. I thought he would feel the same way. I was wrong. He wanted the baby and hated me for making the decision to have an abortion. I explained I would just have to take a pill and go through the equivalent of a miscarriage.

He reluctantly accepted the decision and we are still together but there is a part of me that still can't believe I did such a thing. I never thought I'd be that girl.....but at least now I understand her.

January 2004

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