Nicky's Story

I found out I was pregnant the second time when I was 19. My son was nine months old and my then boyfriend now husband and I  were struggling emotionally and financially. I thought we were being careful, but I guess not careful enough. I made the appt to get the abortion at 6 weeks. The people at the clinic were very nice I was placed under general anesthesia and  the procedure was quick and I only suffered mild discomfort afterward. When we were walking into the clinic we were screamed at and heckled by anti-choice protesters. They made wild accusations and called us horrible untrue things. Some of these people were nuns. I was a scared kid who already had a baby and could no way care for another. The decision made me sad but never once have I regretted it. It was without a doubt the right decision for me. I am very grateful that we have the choice to terminate pregnancy in this country and I hope we always will.

Aug 2004

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