Martina's Story

I never thought about what I would do if I got pregnant until I heard my best friend's story. She had gotten pregnant when she was in tenth grade and had an abortion because she knew that was the only logical choice to her and she could never tell her parents. To this day, when she is almost 20, her parents don't even know that she has even had sex.

Some people who know my thoughts think I'm sort of wrong in my way of thinking since if my mother had had an abortion I wouldn't be here. You see, I was adopted at birth. My parents are great and very supportive of me, but I know that if I ever got pregnant it would greatly disappoint them. I know also, that the only choice to me would be abortion. I am only 17 and still a senior in high school and looking forward to my future, but I can't even fathom a future with a baby in it.

This may seem callous,or greedy, but I know that it is the only choice I could make. I have had a scare before and that is what prompted me to come to this conclusion. I just wish that no one would have to make these choices at any age, let alone being a teenager and that they think before they act.

December 1998

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"Reproductive rights truly are indivisible. Everyone has them or no one has them. And everyone must have the full range of reproductive rights, or you don't really have them at all."
- Gloria Feldt, Planned Parenthood, Dec. 1998