Lindsey's Story

I was only 19 years of age, my boyfriend and I were off and on seeing each other, but still engaging in intercourse. We always used condoms except bad feeling that night and before I even missed my period I knew that I was pregnant. I was a hair stylist who still lived with my parents and he was an 18 year old boy who worked at a smoke shop.. I knew we were in no condition to take care of a child.  I had my whole life to live I hadn't even gone to college yet and neither had he. 

After being one week late for my period I went to planned parenthood and the gave me a pregnancy test which came up positive. The minute they said those words my heart skipped and I began to cry. I called up my ex and told him the news. He was as disappointed as I. Not because we were scared to have a baby but merely because we were babies ourselves.

We decided abortion was the only way to go. But I never knew I would have to walk that road alone.. He never helped me pay for the abortion and he decided work was more important then going to the clinic to abort OUR baby with me. I had to go alone. 

Lucky for me the doctors were extremely supportive and they made the process as comfortable for me as possible. They didn't treat me like I was making a bad decision and they helped me feel like a human being who was able to make the choices I want for myself.  Anyway looking back now I have no regrets..abortion was the best thing I could have done and I thank them for it everyday.

May 2004

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