Lane's Story

I honestly can say I do not have any regrets that I had an abortion.  September 1999 was what I thought was a wonderful time.  I was seeing an old high school flame.  And everything felt right.  Unfortunately by the first week of October I realized I had become entangled with a man who was very depressed.  I found out later that with all of his symptoms, very happy one moment and sad the next, he would probably be considered bi-polar.

The last week of October I realized I was pregnant.  When I told him he seemed to be happy.  Talked about eating healthy and staying fit.  He went with me to the doctor so that I could make sure I really was pregnant. By the next morning his tune had changed he did not want another child.  (He had two children from former girlfriends.)  I told him I would make the final decision of what would happen.

I decided that I could not bring a child into this world without a husband.  I am divorced and had a child from that marriage.  I had always told her that you had to be married to have children.

Since that time I have heard different things about this man.  I know now if I had had that child I would have had to deal with him for 18 years.  As far as I know he has not gotten any help.

For me I have gone on with my life.  I decided after that I was going to stay away from men until my daughter is grown.  She is a young woman and at this point in her life she needs all of my attention.

I am thankfully that I had a choice.  I hope the day never returns when women do not have a say in what they do with their bodies.  I do think about that child occasionally but I know in my heart I did the right thing.

February 2004

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