Katie's Story

My boyfriend and I have been together for only a little over a month.  I live in Washington State and he lives 3 hours away in BC, Canada.  Sunday night (2 nights ago) we sat and talked because I was a week late on my period.  I told him I was going to get a pregnancy test.  He agreed that we should as soon as possible.  He'd just gone home from visiting me for the weekend. 

I took the test while he was at work that night and I called and let him know the results...... positive! All I could really do was cry.  I'd been crying all weekend without a real reason. Come to find it was because of all the emotions of pregnancy and worry. We discussed all the options together that night.  We discussed them for hours.  He asked me first and for most what I felt.  I told him I felt abortion was the right way to go.  He sat quietly and cried in my ear and agreed.  This is all new to us. 

I went to Planned Parent Hood as soon as they opened at 9:30am Monday morning to double check and schedule an abortion.  My clinician (nurse) just happened to be a woman from my church.  In all confidentiality she held me and let me cry and told me she would support anything I did and that she understood why I was doing this.

My boyfriend is coming for a week from new years until the day of the 'medical abortion'.  He wants to be there to support me and our decision and relationship.  I never thought I would be the girl to have an abortion.  I always looked down on people who got pregnant young and kept the babies and raised them in an unhealthy, unstable lifestyle.  Now it's me looking at myself and already regretting getting pregnant.  I'm not 100% regretting our choice, but I always will have doubts in my mind about what we have decided to do.  I love my boyfriend and if we get through this, we can get through anything.  I am scheduled for the abortion January 6th, 2004.

I know that this will all be very painful emotionally and physically.  It will be the largest test for our relationship for the future.  We know it will be hard after to go back to a 'normal' relationship for a long time. I told my mother only a few hours after I found out.  I didn't want to tell her but I didn't NOT want to tell her.  The only thing that I have to keep inside is that I cannot tell my father.  He is not a believer of abortion or of sex before marriage.  Especially his baby girl who is only 18 and in her first year of college having sex.  My mother supports us in every way with our decisions and thinks that it is the best option also.

If you are ever in need of love, remember that sex isn't it.  Sex plays a very large part once you are in love, but getting pregnant will not make you stay together in anyway.  Just remember that you have the choice to do what you think is best.  Whether it be having a child, raising it, giving it up for adoption, or having an abortion.  Things happen in life.  Accidents happen.  I was on the birth control pill for a very very long time.  For over 2 years.  Remember that it's never 100% protection.  Love yourself, don't let this ruin your life.  Find support and get help.  I will be attending counseling weekly after I have this abortion.  Take the right steps.  You come first in this situation. NO ONE ELSE

Thank you,

Washington State, Dec 2003

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