Justine's Story

I began having intercourse when I was 12. My best friend's Dad was molesting me. I was afraid to tell anyone, so the first time I became pregnant I tried to hide it. This was not a smart idea. I had an abortion at about 6 mos. pregnant. It wasn't easy but I still think I made the right decision. My other abortions were done much sooner. They were the results of both carelessness and birth control failure. If I found myself in the same place again I know I would do it again. Even an abortion at 6 mos is sometimes very needed. I could not have raised a child at 12 nor could I have at 14 or 15 .My parents supported me through each procedure which really helped alot. Now I am very careful as far as birth control is concerned. The abortion clinic was not the bad place I thought it would be. No one gave me a hard time about having sex so young. They tried to help me prevent future unplanned pregnancies. Now I have a child I am glad I waited until I was old enough.

May 2004

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