Jill's Story

A week and a half ago, I had an abortion. I am 15 years old. The father is gone which is a good thing and my family is supporting me all the way. If you'd look at me, I am the usual junior in high school. I am involved in numerous activities and have a lot of friends.

But I met a boy from the other side of the tracks that ended up making me turn my life around in the wrong direction. I don't blame him for the reason why I got pregnant. I blame myself. But out of everything, I don't regret having an abortion. To me, it was the right thing for me to do.

I remember everyday talking to my baby, explaining the concept of boys and when I decided upon having an abortion, I told her about who she was going to see in heaven. Her great grandmother, God, her great uncle and everyone else who has passed away that meant so much to me. I know that she is in a better place now. She is in a place where she cant be hurt, she doesn't have to go through the pain of having to see the world how it is. I remember telling her that I will see her one day. I will hold her and love her just as much as I do now. I know she is up there looking down at everything amazed.

I know what I did was right. It was the best decision for me to make for her. When I was in the waiting room at the clinic, there were two women there. One was really hyper and in denial I thought about the whole thing. The other one was really nice and made me feel comfortable about me being there. The one in denial had been there many times before and all I thought about was why she kept doing it to herself? I would of thought that the first time she had one done, she would of realized that she cant always have it there as a form of birth control. I found that sad. I also said a prayer for her. Hoping that shed see it too.

Before I had the abortion, I saw the baby on the screen and I asked what it was. It was a girl. I was left alone in the room for a minute and in that minute, I said I loved her and that I know this was right for me to do. I also told her not to be scared.

Ever since I left that clinic, I have known that I did the right thing. I also want to be a counselor who works in an abortion clinic so I can help people go through what I went through. To let them know that it is ok. And that they'll be ok too.

21 September 1999

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