Jessica's Story

hi my name is jessica, i'm 18. i got pregnant by this guy which is not my boyfriend. well he didn't want to help me 4 nothing. i ask 4 money 4 the abortion . but no. u think he help on that. and worse he blame me for it - which i ask to get a condom and he didn't and still let it go. he said he didn't want a baby.

well my boyfriend thought it was his and i let him think that i love him, but i wasn't his girl when i got pregnant - i was his friend, we were taking time off. my boyfriend want it so bad that i was thinking on having it, but no 'cause he will find out it's not his.

i am ill, i have anemia and i ask my doctor to tell him my problem and the risk i may have in labor which is true and makes me mad, because i want to be able to have a baby. well i am 3 months

in this 3 months many times we 've want to have it done but i got sick and other things happen that made me not have it on time. well my boyfriend is sad, because he knows the baby and i will suffer more...

sometimes i wish to have this child but #1 i am ill and i can't. #2 my baby's daddy won't take care of it. #3 is not my boyfriends child. #4 i am to young to be a mom .

i wish i wasn't going through this, but i am so oh well.

i have to deal with it now.

my tummy is getting big and i think my mom started to notice .

well this month i'll do it on 3-25-04  

wish me luck!!!!

March 2004

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