Jana's Story

When I first found out I was pregnant, it was the happiest day of my life. But then it all came crashing down. I was 20 years old at the time and for some reason I thought that I was ready for a kid financially and emotionally. But then when the truth slaps you in the face, you then realize what's important in your life.

This was my 2nd pregnancy. The first one ended in miscarriage last year. That's another reason why I wanted this so badly. But the day I found out I was pregnant, I was spotting for 2 days which never happens to me so I took a pregnancy test at my friends house. Sure enough, it was positive.

I was planning on going to my boyfriends house that day anyway so I left to tell him the news. We then lived at least 3 hours away from one another so it was the longest drive known to mankind. So I get there finally and tell him. He is shocked for words to say the least. His 23rd birthday was in 2 days so we didn't discuss the baby issue anymore while I was there. It didn't come up again until a week later when we were on the phone and he told me that if I chose to have this baby, that we wouldn't be able to be together. That right there devastated me.

After hours and hours of crying I came to the conclusion that I was going to have the abortion. I called the clinic a few days later and told them how far along I "thought" I was and they said it was still too soon to do it. So, I waited a couple more weeks and thought about the decision some more. And then I decided that I was going to have this baby even if it means that I had to do it alone. I told my boyfriend of my decision and he wouldn't talk to me.

Another week went by and once again we were on the phone and he told me again of all the reasons that we shouldn't have this baby. Again, I decided to have the abortion. I set up an appointment finally and the day came to have it done. Besides it raining the whole way there and us going to the wrong place, I'd have to say it went pretty smooth.

Since I was the last one to arrive, I was the last one to have the procedure done. They did the sonogram and that's when I found out that I was right at my 12th week. Finally, they put all the women in one room together I guess to try to make you talk about what's going on. Even though no one talked and was in their own little world. There were 4 women ahead of me. When I was in the room by myself, that's when I got scared. Then the door opened and it was my turn. I met the nurse and her name was Dorthy and I'll never forget her, she was like my guardian angel. When I was on the table during the procedure, she rubbed my chest and hands and talked to me and told me it'd be all right. It only took about 5 minutes all together since I wasn't under or anything. I went to the recovery room and was there 30 minutes then I felt well enough to go home.

To all the women out there that are reading this and are considering abortion, listen to your heart. It's not the easiest thing I've ever done, but I now realize that I won't mess someone else's life up because of my own mistake.

--"If God will bring you to it, then he'll bring you through it."

October 2003

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