Emily's Story

I got an abortion yesterday. I am feeling alot of emotions, thankfully none are regret. I am feeling grief and relief those are the two strongest feelings. See I am almost 21, I have 2 babies and I couldn't have a 3rd. My husband and I thought it would be best to end the pregnancy. It doesn't mean I didn't love this child, I realize now that I did. I loved her enough to send her to back to God.  After the procedure, I just needed to know what the sex of my child was. I already had a feeling it was a little girl, and I was right. For hours after my mind just couldn't stop thinking about her. I talked to my husband and we decided to name her. Mya Eve. I am going to get a tattoo for her, I don't know what just yet but something beautiful. My heart is hurting but i know it was for the best, God is raising her now. He is the best parent afterall. No regrets just a little pain.

May 2004

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