Diamond's Story

It takes guts right now to actually sit here and share this experience with people that I don't even know. But i'm doing this in the hope that my story gives courage to another to do what's right.

Growing up I never supported abortion but I believed that everyone had a choice to do what she felt was right for her and unborn. Only a woman knows her body and her limits. Mistakes happen all the time and unfortunately pregnancies are mistakes or accidents frequently.

I just had an abortion yesterday and I'm in pain right now as I write this. My boyfriend and I are together today very much in love. He supported my decision because he knows deep down inside neither of us are ready for this kind of responsibility. I'm 19, just started my first job ever only a month now. He's 20 working also barely finding time for his self. We loved our unborn and had so many plans for it. But due to our current status we couldn't afford to have this baby.

I haven't shared this with anyone except my loving cousin who herself had been through this before. I'm not ashamed because i know i did it out of the goodness of my heart. I will never forget this baby every even if I didn't get the chance to see it I feel that it would have been the most beautiful thing on earth and for that I will always remember my baby. Hopefully someday i'm gonna be blessed with the pleasure of having another baby with my boyfriend whom I love more than anything. We look forward to this day.

Till then our hearts and thoughts will always be with my 1st unborn child.

Mar 2004

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