Bonnie's Story

In 1976, I was a divorced mother of a then 6-year-old son. I was in a relationship with a divorced man, slightly older than myself, whom I had been dating over two and half years. As I was working full-time for a large IT company, making my career happen, I took birth control pills. I also have had psoriasis since the age of eleven, and at the time, was taking the drug, methotrexate, also used in the treatment of cancer. (This same drug is now being tested, in combination with Misoprostol, as an abortion method.) I'm not exactly sure what went wrong, but in December, I found myself pregnant.

I had been forewarned by my doctor to 'stay on birth control' while taking methotrexate, so I checked out the 'side affects' of the drug. Back then, they included severe damage to the developing fetus resulting in physical or mental deformities and 'miscarriage'. No one could tell me what the 'odds' were for bringing a pregnancy to term. I was faced with a decision. Did I have the personal fortitude to deal with a severly handicapped child? Did I have the finances (I was insured) to handle such a situation? What type of impact would it have on my son?

I made the only decision that seemed logical...I had an abortion within five weeks of discovering I was pregnant. I did not marry the man I was involved with, although we are still good friends and remain in contact. I am still single today. My son was raised by me to be a sensitive, bright, intelligent man.... he's now 34. I was upset only on the day of the procedure. It was sad and painful, but I have not had a single regret about the decision I made. I do not believe I did an 'immoral or sinful act' by putting the well-being of my son above all else.

23 Jan 04

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