My name is Alyssa. I'm 16 years old now, and last year I got pregnant. I was only 15 and at first I thought that it would be exciting. My boyfriend at the time was a druggie and did nothing but leave me alone to do drugs. I did nothing but cry and I was so miserable. When I got a abortion, I wasn't thinking of myself. I was thinking of my child. I wasn't old enough to get a job. My boyfriend was a loser so he refused to get a job and I knew my kid wasn't going to have a good life. I knew it would be better to wait until I'm older that was I can give it everything it needs in a life. I knew I had to protect my baby from this place. So that's when I decided to dump the boyfriend and get a abortion. It was very hard for me, it was against everything I believed in. I always looked at those type of people as murders and now I was becoming one of them. I just realized not to long ago that it's not that they are murders. It's mothers protecting their young. It's a mothers instinct. It's just a mothers love. I was doing what I thought would be safer for my child and for me. Because I knew I could give it so much better. It was hard, when I went home I cried, and still to this day I cry. Because I have regrets but I know that she(or he) is a little angel and heaven is a much better place to be in anyway, and they will wait for me and they will come down when we both are ready. My outlook on abortion is completely different now. It's amazing how when it happens to you everything changes. This was a experience that I'm not glad I went through, but I am blessed for it.


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