Alex's Story

For a couple weeks, I was baffled as to why I was feeling so nauseous in the morning.  My mom had always told me that she never experienced morning sickness,
so I never thought I would either.  When I finally decided to take a pregnancy test "just in case," I couldn't believe that the results turned out positive - I was pregnant. 

I've always been pro-choice, but wasn't sure if I'd actually be able to go through with a termination myself.  It turned out, though, that the decision wasn't difficult.  I decided that I didn't want kids yet; not only were my circumstances unsuitable for bringing a child into the world, I just simply didn't want any children at that point. 

When I went in to have the procedure done, my boyfriend (who was extremely supportive - as all partners should be) came with me.  The procedure took less than 10 minutes and when I was done, I didn't just feel relieved - I felt EMPOWERED.  I felt like I hadn't just made a difficult decision and lived through it; it was like I had decided to go to college or buy a house or something.  I was just so happy and proud of myself that I had handled the situation. 

I'd like to say to any woman who has decided to have an abortion: don't just excuse yourself, be PROUD of yourself because you are doing something 100% positive. 

And don't forget to vote your values :)


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