She's a cheerleader so she must be happy, she must have it made. She's not gonna marry no wife beater or want-to-thug, she'll marry a rich guy that she really loves. But there must be some sadness behind that smile. Did she really wanna be a cheerleader or did her mother want her to play the innocent school girl till one day she'll go insane. Is her life so great or does she even have one? Does she cry her self to sleep, or does she get on her knees and pray to die in her sleep? Behind that smile, Is there an aching girl? Does she ever wanna go all out and have fun? Would she kill her self if she disappointed or would she play it off like I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt nobody. It makes you wonder don't it. I don't know to her people some people are assholes. She don't deserve it she seems so perfect. When so one get cough for something she suddenly gets the finger of
Someone help her she don't know how to live. She's gonna go insane. She done with life (or what was hers). She wanted to take a bullet straight to the head. She said she's real sorry but she had to die. She went out with a bullet. Dead in the mouth. People were stunned because because she was a cheerleader. But she wasn't, she was a girl full of pain. Her friends didn't even know her all the know was her name. What a SHAM .

Are problems are what makes us who we are, be yourself. Love yourself and you will make yourself happy.

- Michelle Kelley
December 2002


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"The most vital right is the right to love and be loved."
- Emma Goldman

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