Every thursday

Every Thursday, I have more questions for you.
Some don't make it from week to week, become obsolete
by the changing of my symptoms,
the changing of my heart, the sighing of my pituitary.

Some, I answer myself, gleaning second servings from answers
you have spooned before.
All week long, the questions roll over one another.
I try to ask the ones on top, as new ones get picked up
from the bottom, rolled around and enlarged,
with new questions, spouting from new answers each week.
Each Thursday.

So too, the answers from you roll open and fluid,
tumbling up to reach out for more questions.
Answers never closed at either end,
answers that invite learning and deny knowing.

Thursday questions

I used to have a doctor who was only in on thursdays,
so I saved my health and all my questions for that day.
Now I have a doctor who is only in on tuesdays........... so,
I have adjusted my health and all my questions to coincide with that day.
Yet, thursdays roll around and I find I still have questions,
thursday questions, wider questions, hopeful questions, deeper questions.
Questions, which would teach me in the asking,
questions, which would expand me in the answering,
and comfort me in the understanding.

- Holly W. Graves, 2002

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