Breast Health

Susun Weed, women’s health expert, herbalist and bestselling author has superbly written a bestselling book Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way which offers an informative description of a anti-cancer lifestyle, what it is to be diagnosed with cancer, explanations of diagnostic procedures, in home treatments as well as treatments offered by the medical establishment.  Ms. Weed outlined 6 steps of healing which empowers women to take healing into their own hands.

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Susun Weed's forum:

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Study debunks the myth that abortion can lead to breast cancer.

Abortion and Breast Cancer - The Unproven Link - recent studies reviewed. The anti-abortion movement claims abortion increases a woman’s risk of breast cancer, but this allegation is grossly deceptive and just plain false.

Self Breast Exam - Care for your breasts by doing regular self exams. Get a free easy-to-use Breast Self Exam pad called Aware™.

2003 Newly published research confirms: Race and socioeconomic status have a direct effect on whether breast cancer becomes a manageable disease or ends a woman's life.

There is No Cure for Cancer - But are there environmental causes, especially of breast cancer?

Xenoestrogens and Breast Cancer - Toxic environmental pollution that mimics estrogen causes disaster in breast cells.

A European Perspective on Organochlorines & How They Change Our Views on Breast Health and Illness

Breast Cancer Prevention - Avoiding Toxic Triggers

Breast Cancer Fund - calling for research into environmental causes of breast cancer.

What You Can Do - To minimize exposure to toxic organochlorines.

Breast Cancer Screening and "Early Detection"

Sisters Network is the first national African American breast cancer survivorship organization -- the national voice and leader in the African American woman's fight against breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Action - carries the voices of people affected by breast cancer to inspire and compel the changes necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic. A grassroots organization of breast cancer survivors and their supporters, advocating for true prevention through understanding and eliminating the causes of breast cancer, a true cure with treatments that don't nearly kill people or cause other diseases, and universal access to quality health care. - helping women and their families make sense of the complex information about breast cancer, and guide them to the best decisions for their lives

The Breast Cancer Site - Visit every day. Click on the Fund Free Mammograms button. In mere seconds and at no cost, you can help provide the lifesaving gift of early detection to underprivileged women. Clicking is free. Funding for free mammography screenings is paid by site sponsors. The more people who click, the more mammograms funded.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health! - tips from Susun Weed

Eight Steps for A Woman Dancing With Cancer, by Susun S Weed, 1997

Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered - FORCE - for women whose family history and genetic status put them at high risk of getting ovarian cancer and/or breast cancer.

Breast cancer prevention diet from Dr. Andrew Weil

Is Cancer Preventable? New theories on cancer's origin and ways to protect against cancer.

Prevention of Breast Cancer - Physically and Spiritually

Prevention is the cure - an on-going, grassroots effort to educate women and their families about how to reduce the risks of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer? Breast Health! by Susun Weed

More Breast Health Articles - from Medem

See the Nov/Dec 1997 issue of Ms Magazine for a detailed article on breast cancer and environmental factors. (Vol. VIII, No. 3, p. 12-17)

Celebrating Life Foundation - African American women speak out about breast and other cancers.

Call National Women's Health Network at 202-347-1140 in Washington DC for copies of these factsheets:

  • African American Women and Breast Cancer
  • Asian American Women and Breast Cancer
  • Latinas and Breast Cancer
  • Native American Women and Breast Cancer
  • Breast Biopsies

Can men get breast cancer? "Yes" - find out more.

The Breast Site - ignore the advertisements to find interesting information.

Benign Breast Lumps - It is vital to know that not every lump is cancer! It is estimated that more than 10% of all women have benign lumps, irregularities and pain in their breasts, such as fybrocystic mastopathy, mastodynia, benign breast neoplasms as fibroadenomas, cysts and intraductal papillomas. See

About Mammograms.

"Exercise cuts breast cancer risk by 39% - for women under age 45 the risk reduction is 84%." Published in the British Journal of Cancer - A growing body of evidences indicates physical activity is protective against breast cancer. In 1996-97 a 15-year follow-up of 5398 college alumnae comprised of former college athletes with their non-athlete classmates. Based on self-reports of 3940 women answering a detailed questionnaire, former college athletes has a significantly lower risk of breast cancer than the non-athletes. Athletic activity during the college and pre-college years is protective against breast cancer throughout the life span and more markedly among women under 45. These results confirm our earlier findings and the findings of other investigators. by G Wyshak and RE Frisch. Feb 2000.

triangle bulletWhat happens during a Well-Woman Exam at Cedar River Clinics?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Who ever thought up the word "Mammogram"? Every time I hear it, I think - I'm supposed to put my breast in an envelope and send it to someone. -Jan King

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