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All About Abortion  

Cedar River Clinics are specialists in women's health care and experts in abortion.

Abortion - Is it legal? Is it safe? What about parents? Cost?

Description of the Surgical Abortion Procedure

Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion Appointments (FAQ)

The Abortion Pill - Also known as Mifiprex, Mifepristone, RU-486, or medical abortion is an early option (to bring on her period)/ The woman gets the medication and instructions at the clinic and then experiences the passage of fetal tissue from her body in the privacy of her home or a location of her choosing.

Comparison between the Abortion Pill and Surgical Abortion (PDF)

How much does abortion cost?

Abortion and Breast Cancer - there is no link

Abortion Information in Spanish (Espanol)

triangleGlamour Magazine on Feb 2, 2009 - Abortion: The Serious Health Decision Women Aren't Talking About Until Now - 8 women tell their stories and answer your questions.

triangleGlamour Magazine on Feb 10, 2009 - What Women Ask Most About Abortion, Ob-Gyns and counselors answer private questions about everything from the medical risks to adoption options.

triangleThe Tragedy of Abortion Rhetoric at Hipmama was written by a former Cedar River Clinics' staff person, Fran Varian

triangleRev. Katherine Ragsdale, Dean of Episcopal Divinity School, also speaks out about the tragedy that is sometimes affecting a woman's life at the time she chooses abortion - and why abortion is a blessing!

triangleAbortion does NOT cause psychological distress, or "post-abortion syndrome." Efforts to show it does occur appear to be politically motivated, according to U.S. researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. "The best quality studies indicate no significant differences in long-term mental health between women in the United States who choose to terminate a pregnancy and those who do not," they wrote.

AFTER your abortion -

healthcare instructions for the weeks immediately following an abortion

Abortion's impact on your feelings and ideas about yourself

Find a Clinic

Cedar River Clinics in Renton, Seattle and Tacoma , Washington State ...

triangleFeminist Abortion Network - feminist clinics across the USA

Watch out for Fake Abortion Clinics - Beware! Learn the difference between a real clinic and a religious group offering free pregnancy tests and counseling. Fake clinics are named Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Birthright, and Pregnancy Aid.

CAIR Project - Community Abortion Information and Resources - call this 800 number to find a clinic or find money to help pay for an abortion. 888-644-CAIR (800-644-2247)

National Abortion Federation - clinics in the USA and Canada abiding by standards governing quality of care. National Abortion Federation operates a toll free hotline at 800-772-9100 in the US and 800-424-2280 in Canada.

National Network of Abortion Funds - A national network of local groups who help women pay for and travel to abortion services in the USA.

trianglefind more feminist abortion clinics

triangleIamDrTiller.com is living testimony to the courageous lives of abortion providers, activists and the women who have experienced abortion first-hand.

Your Options . . .

Know Your Options - If you are unsure about what to do, call the clinic of your choice and ask for a special "options counseling" appointment.

What About Adoption?  Referrals to agencies with a wealth of information.

Choosing to Parent - Links to information about pregnancy and parenting.

Prevent pregnancy after sex - with Emergency Contraception.

The Abortion Pill - Also known as Mifiprex, Mifepristone, RU-486, Medical Abortion, Medication Abortion. This is an early option in which the woman receives medications and instructions at the clinic and experiences the passage of fetal tissue from her body in the privacy of a location of her choice.

www.medicationabortion.com - a multi-language website provides accurate information about medication abortion to health service providers including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, counselors, and office staff as well as educational information for women considering the option of medication abortion. In English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

Comparison between Abortion Pill and Surgical Abortion


Personal Experiences

Your Stories about Abortion - Learn from hundreds of women and girls who sent in their stories.

From the clinic staff:

Women Claiming the Power of Pregnancy - women choosing both abortion and having a baby - at different times in their lives

Excerpt from "Conversations with God, an Uncommon Dialogue, Book III. by Neale Donald Walsch. A spiritual perspective on the moral questions raised by abortion.

Your Rights Under the Current Laws

Roe v Wade - the 1973 Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal in all 50 states in the USA.

Reaction to the 2007 Supreme Court decision in Carhart case of 2007.

State by State guide to abortion laws (from NARAL Pro-Choice America).

Hyde Amendment - 32+ Years is Enough - Finally under President Obama, there is a real opportunity to end the discriminatory restrictions called the Hyde Amendment that blocks access to abortion care for Medicaid-eligible women and Medicare beneficiaries (the Hyde Amendment), federal employees and their dependents (FEHB), residents of the District of Columbia, Peace Corps volunteers, Native American women, and women in federal prisons.

Analysis of 2007 Gonzales v Carhart - the most recent abortion case decided by the US Supreme Court in April 2007 - the first decision with Justices Alito and Roberts as part of the Court.

Current Abortion Law in WA  - Initiative 120 - known as the Reproductive Privacy Act, Initiative 120 was passed into law by a vote of the citizens of WA in 1991.

It is a crime to interfere with health care facilities or providers in Washington State - see RCW Chapter 9A.50 (Revised Code of Washington)

History of abortion in Washington State.

What if Roe Fell? from the Center for Reproductive Rights. State by state analysis of what would happen if Roe v Wade got overturned by the Supreme Court? Download the report for free.

Remembering Justice Harry Blackmun who wrote the Roe v Wade decision.

Clients' Bill of Rights

In Canada, there is no law governing abortion - no restrictions or regulations. Abortion is a medical practice determined between women and their physicians. Period. Read the history to see why this model would be ideal for the rest of the world.

When abortion was illegal and the fight for safe accessible abortion today in the United States. (documentary film available on DVD "From Danger to Dignity")

Women of Color support abortion rights and reproductive justice.

Get the book - "Undivided Rights: Women of Color organize for Reproductive Justice"

Visit SisterSong

Resources & More Information

National Network of Abortion Funds - A network of local groups who help women pay for and obtain abortion services.

Stop the Stigma about abortion.

What Pro-Choice Really Means - from a Canadian perspective

Abortion Conversation Project - promoting respectful dialog, listening and sharing our own experiences and knowledge

From the book Our Bodies Ourselves - chapter on Abortion - covers herstory, current limits on access, global status of abortion, and section on the difference between reproductive freedom and population control.

bullet point10 Facts You Must Know about Non-Surgical Abortion - published by AlterNet

Choice LinkUp - resources, rights, health info - a pro-choice webring.

Abortion and Breast Cancer - The Unproven Link. Plus, further analysis of recent studies.

Frequently Asked Questions about: abortion, birth control, women's health, teen's questions, menstrual cycle.

"Abortion, like contraception, is ... the means by which contemporary women take control of their fertility and their lives. Perhaps it is time to finally think of it in the same way as we think of contraception: as a necessary and helpful intervention, as a way of making women equal, as a positive sign that women are taking control of their lives." Article in The Observer, April 22, 2001 by Nicci Gerrard.

Abortion Statistics - The most reliable research on abortion is done by the Alan Guttmacher Institute.

Global Abortion News Updates - This feature provides a brief look at new developments in abortion law and policy around the world. Updated monthly.

Know Your Options - If you are unsure about what to do, call the clinic of your choice and ask for a special "options counseling" appointment.

updated August 15, 2014

The question is not when does life begin, but who is best prepared to make the decision to transmit life to a new generation: the individual or the state? In this matter, the individual woman is more competent than any government.

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